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What is positive reinforcement based training?

Positive reinforcement-based dog training means giving a dog a reinforcement when the dog does something good so this behavior is more likely to happen again in the future. Teaching a dog what behavior you want instead of what behavior you don’t want. The foundational element of the core value of positive reinforcement-based training is how to guide a dog to make the right choice and set them up for success.

According to a lot of scientific research, positive reinforcement training is an effective and humane way to train dogs. We don't just teaching a dog good behaviour only; we learn to understand them and build long-lasting bonds based on trust, respect, and love.

Through training, we want to teach our dogs to have good manners or change their undesirable behaviors - not because they are afraid of physical or emotional punishment but they enjoy working with us and find it's fun.

Humans fall back on punishment because it is easier to react at the moment to a problem than to think about how to prevent it and train a dog systematically instead. Don’t break the relationship with our dogs in the name of "training", just like we don’t want our parents to scream at us for every mistake we have made. Teaching us how to do it properly next time will do.

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